When managing apartment buildings, we focus our attention on ensuring economic efficiency, maintenance and increase of your property’s value. In so doing, we act independently within the framework of the agreed terms and consult you in the event of important decisions. We are a competent contact person for your tenants at all times. Thus we ensure satisfied tenants, a small number of tenant changes and low vacancy rates.

Convince yourself of our extensive range of services:

Range of Services for Commercial Building Management

  • Logging of all objects and tenant master data, creation and management of tenant files
  • Payment receipt control of rent, service charges and other accounts receivable from tenants
  • Monthly preparation of a current payment arrears statement as well as handling of arrears billing
  • Adjustment of the advance payment for service charges
  • Creation of the annual accounting of service charges
  • Continual verification of the stepped rent as agreed in the tenancy agreements or escalation clauses with commercial lease contracts
  • Verification of the legally permitted rent increase possibilities with existing contracts regarding residential property in accordance with current case law, as well as its execution
  • Verification of the compliance with all contractual and post-contractual tenant obligations
  • Tenant information / tenant correspondence
  • Safekeeping of all rent security deposits
  • Termination of tenancies e.g. with default of payment, following consultation with the owner
  • Support with out-of-court tenant disputes
  • Support with out-of-court tenant disputes
  • Documentation of all contractually agreed or authorised modification measures and installations effected by tenants, the removal of which can be demanded upon termination of the tenancy
  • Execution of work regarding the change of tenants, including confirmation of termination and the handover and return of rental properties, in particular with regard to the monitoring of the moving in and moving out of the tenants (renovation commitments), return of the rental property and the preparation of a hand-over protocol
  • Management of an administrator account
  • Processing of the payment transactions with suppliers, energy suppliers, administrative bodies, service companies etc.
  • Verification of the invoices regarding their accuracy
  • Entering of all flows of money regarding the object
  • Preparation of owner settlements (annually, six-monthly or quarterly)
  • Tenant statistics
  • In coordination with the owner, commissioning and monitoring of the companies appointed for operations, maintenance and repairs of the technical facilities.
  • Monitoring of the proper management of the housing complex with regard to janitorial services, pedestrian path cleaning, winter road maintenance, garden maintenance, care of the outdoor facilities, house cleaning, etc.