Thanks to our legal and business expertise, you can rest assured in the knowledge that the management of your residential property complexes is in the very best hands. Diligent bookkeeping, excellent accounting of service charges as well as the issuance of a statement of assets and liabilities are a matter of course for us. In this regard, to the extent that these have not been agreed upon by the meeting of the property owners, we attach great importance to the involvement of the administrative advisory board in all significant decisions.

We would be happy to send you an individualised quotation that has been tailored to your specific property needs, accompanied by a model agreement and a sample of accounting. Please feel free to contact us!

Range of Services for Commercial and Technical Property Management

  • Logging of all objects and owner master data
  • Payment receipt control of common charges, subsequent payments with the annual statements of account and other accounts receivable from owners
  • Monthly preparation of a current payment arrears statement
  • Annual property owner meeting, preparation of the meeting, voucher auditing, advisory council meetings
  • Management of administrator accounts
  • Booking of all money flows, monthly debit positions, direct debits, monitoring of incoming payments
  • Preparation of the annual economic plan, as well as the accounts
  • Adjustment of common charges
  • Verification of the compliance with all contractual and post-contractual owner obligations
  • Proprietary information, notices, circular letters
  • Calculation and verification of possible owner special payments for repairs or maintenance and repairs
  • Negotiation with authorities, owners, facility managers, suppliers
  • Processing of the payment transactions with suppliers, energy suppliers, administrative bodies, service companies etc.
  • Auditing of invoices, verification of their accuracy
  • Monitoring of major repairs, to the extent that these do not include any fundamental renovations
  • Creation of maintenance reserves, as well as the disposition of financial means on fixed deposit accounts of WEG
  • Involvement in the event of the sale of residential units
  • Verification and signing of insurance contracts, as well as the processing of damage with notification of claims,
  • Effecting of repairs to damages, as well as expert appointments on site and settlement invoicing with the insurance company
  • Measures to ensure deadlines or for avoidance of any legal detriment for the community are observed

Operation / Maintenance of the Functionality and Operability and Object Security

  • Awarding of maintenance, cleaning, surveillance and other service contracts to the corresponding specialist firms, in coordination with the owners, e.g. the maintenance of heating, pump, elevator and fire extinguisher installations. When appointing facility managers: Monitoring of payroll accounts, as well as reporting to the social insurers, tax office, etc.
  • Monitoring of the activities of the aforementioned companies and verification of the proper contractual fulfilment
  • Information regarding necessary, sensible and practical changes and amendments to the aforementioned contractual agreements, which can also include cancellation of agreements and terminations as well as execution, in coordination with the owners
  • Monitoring of all authority regulations and safety regulations during the operation of the object, in particular regarding the compliance with fire-protection regulations
  • Verification of the necessity of on-going maintenance and repairs of the object, providing information of this work to the owners, as well as regular building controls
  • Contribution in preparation and negotiation of contracts with regard to maintenance and repair work and monitoring of this work, price inquiries, consultation, on-site visits, advisory council talks, award of contracts, auditing of accounts
  • Information to owners regarding the necessary maintenance and repair work for the duration of the warranty period of the architects, engineers, construction companies or other parties involved in the construction work, to ensure that warranty claims can be invoked.

Services to be paid separately

  • Extraordinary property owner meetings
  • Consent of the administrator when selling residential units
  • Supervision of restoration measures with order volumes exceeding EUR 10,000.00